• USD1.2222
  • JPY133.09
  • BGN1.9558
  • CZK25.427
  • DKK7.4363
  • GBP0.85998
  • HUF350.50
  • PLN4.5243
  • RON4.9273
  • SEK10.1363
  • CHF1.0963
  • ISK150.30
  • NOK10.0125
  • HRK7.5205
  • RUB90.0375
  • TRY10.1885
  • AUD1.5652
  • BRL6.4085
  • CAD1.4693
  • CNY7.8501
  • HKD9.4912
  • IDR17443.85
  • ILS4.0008
  • INR89.2310
  • KRW1378.11
  • MXN24.1211
  • MYR5.0434
  • NZD1.6821
  • PHP58.515
  • SGD1.6245
  • THB38.402
  • ZAR17.0837
Updated 18-05-2021
International project developers, facilitators, financial structurers and funders
LLB Investment Limited is an asset-based organisation with strong links in the financial and property markets. We provide financial structuring, commercial negotiation, mediation, dispute resolution and investment structuring worldwide. Our strong local connections within the European and global markets enable us to understand, analyse and process accurate information within each specific market, tailored to the requirements of the investor. We also source local intelligentsia and a skilled labour-force for confident delivery.


LLB Investment is an integral part of the MAPPS consortium, along with other global industry leaders: Buro Happold, Rider Levett Bucknall and Taylor Wessing.

Photo MAPPS advises governments and private conglomerates to manage and identify financing, procurement and completion of infrastructure projects in a coordinated and cost-effective way.

MAPPS helps to prevent cost overruns and delays and limits political fall out by managing the financial, programming and delivery of infrastructure projects.



LLB has partnered with Sipad-Komerc to create the niche-market property organisation Helvetia Homes, the world's true one-stop shop for the production and construction of high quality turnkey housing.

Photo As a result of our combined strengths, Helvetia Homes is unrivalled in the international residential market in its ability to surpass the technical, financial and practical capabilities of other well-known European housing producers.