• USD1.1076
  • JPY117.79
  • BGN1.9558
  • CZK25.796
  • DKK7.4560
  • GBP0.91623
  • HUF327.23
  • PLN4.3552
  • RON4.7305
  • SEK10.7653
  • CHF1.0860
  • ISK138.10
  • NOK9.9638
  • HRK7.3838
  • RUB73.8360
  • TRY6.3328
  • AUD1.6347
  • BRL4.4959
  • CAD1.4762
  • CNY7.8180
  • HKD8.6868
  • IDR15794.38
  • ILS3.9020
  • INR79.4410
  • KRW1337.78
  • MXN21.9445
  • MYR4.6263
  • NZD1.7286
  • PHP57.964
  • SGD1.5351
  • THB34.086
  • ZAR17.0117
Updated 20-08-2019
Project finance
Our project financing discipline includes the following:
Financial assessment
This consists of:
  • A general and detailed overview of the country’s micro/macroeconomics, its fiscal factors (salaries, taxes etc) and its implications. A detailed analysis of the inflationary factors, progressive/regressive growth and the implications and effects within its financial market.
  • An accurate assessment of the business climate and its risks including legal frameworks, practical implications, practices, corruption and red tape.
Investment feasibility
  • A detailed study of the potential investment, its risks, benefits and outcomes within any given realistic timeframe.
Assessing the feasibility of the project and its practical implementation
  • A study to determine the viability of the project, both within its own framework and within its given environment
Identification and sourcing of finance
  • An identification of the source of finance suitable and compatible to the project, looking into the possibilities of one or a combination of non-refundable/refundable grants, equity and/or debt within the local or international sphere.
Financial structuring
  • Producing an attractive package enabling us and the client to source finance from the desired and agreed entities. This may include a road show or a private approach via our exclusive investment forum.
  • Combining a suitable mixed package of the most efficient types of funding tailored to a specific project. This may include equity, debt, mezzanine finance etc.