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Updated 26-02-2020
Property management
LLB Investment offers professional personalised property management within all the major disciplines of the industry: residential, commercial, association management and manufactured housing.
We work with each client to deliver all the essential services necessary to keep a building running efficiently: from A to Z.
LLB recognises that properly managed real estate is an important source of income and profit for businesses and investors, which is why we carefully oversee the performance of all income-producing commercial or residential properties and ensure that these real estate investments achieve their realistic expected revenues.
Our high attention to detail provides peace of mind for our clients, allowing them to spend their time and energy on their own core business.
Property development
LLB Investment is a diversified global developer of commercial and residential real estate. It acquires land and repositions existing structures through adaptive reuse.
By combining our expertise, creative approach and organic synergies, we transform conventional and under-utilised real estate opportunities into high-performing assets, unlocking and maximising their potential value.
We specialise in sensitively tailoring projects to our clients’ desires and requirements. We take the time to clearly define and establish the level, type and stage of risk-taking the client is comfortably prepared to take (or most definitely not prepared to take). 
Our organic approach allows us to maximise our recognition of the project’s potential obstacles before the project’s inception. With this foresight we are best placed to know how to deal with such issues and to avoid them arising at all, thus heightening the possibility of a smooth process.
Furthermore, we gear the quality of the project investments to the end-user demands, while also timing the investment to its current market conditions.


LLB has partnered with Sipad-Komerc to create the niche-market property organisation Helvetia Homes, the world's true one-stop shop for the production and construction of high quality turnkey housing.

Photo As a result of our combined strengths, Helvetia Homes is unrivalled in the international residential market in its ability to surpass the technical, financial and practical capabilities of other well-known European housing producers.