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Updated 18-05-2021
Security and Nuclear Services
As LLB Investment, we realise and understand the need for comprehensive, specialist security. This is a growing market, one which is close to the heart of any democratic government.

We have teamed with experienced, credible and internationally renowned security organisations to provide discreet, efficient, niche security services for a range of sectors as specified below.


Furthermore, we understand the political and public concerns regarding safe nuclear decommissioning. We draw support from individual experts and organisations who are not only scientifically highly qualified, but have also been at the helm of safe nuclear implementation. In doing so, we believe that we can provide a comprehensive service for peace of mind, speedy reactions and quality assurance.

MFD GROUP - Security and Military Construction Services Photo
Formed in 1975, MFD has provided world-class Security & Military design and construction services in 41 countries around the globe.

Scope of Services

Depending upon our client’s particular requirements, MFD can provide the whole range or any combination of the following services:
  • Inception and master-planning
  • Design - concept, outline and detailed, multi-disciplined
  • Contract procurement
  • Project management
  • Construction management
  • Turnkey solutions

Areas of Expertise

The following areas of expertise enable MFD to offer its clients world-class premises, buildings and specialist facilities:
  • Military Advice & Training  
  • Security Advice
  • Threat and Weapons’ Effect Assessments
  • Security Surveys, Audit and Building Assessments
  • Blast & Ballistic Engineering   
  • Post-Event Evaluation
  • Building / Structures’ Performance Trials
  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation
  • Masts and Towers Engineering
  • Physical Security Measures
  • Chemical, Biological & Radiological Mitigation
  • Electronic Security Measures

Please contact us for further information.

GSS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED - a unique provider of Geoforensic and specialist search capabilities, providing strategic consultancy services, training and operational support services. Photo
Geoforensic search is the application of earth science to problems of terrorist, criminal, humanitarian, war crime and environmental investigations.’ The GSS International team has pioneered the application of GeoForensic science for operational search investigations, publishing numerous law enforcement and academic papers in this developing area of the forensic search science.

Scope of Services

Providing vital support to crime, terrorism, humanitarian and environmental investigations, we have developed framework models that utilise intelligence analysis and behavioural profiling for applied geo scientific disciplines such as geology, geochemistry and geophysics, to aid complex search investigations.
The global consultants support the law enforcement, defence and business sectors in Geoforensics, Criminal and Counter Terrorist 'search'.

Areas of Expertise

Casework consultancy and operational support services, including:
  • Person and Geophysical Search Support and Case Consultancy
  • Canine Search and Detection Support Services
  • Counter Terrorist Services
Specialist training design and delivery, including:
  • Training Advice and Design
  • Crime Search Training
  • Forensic Canine Training
  • Counter Terrorist Search Training Courses
  • Geoforensic Search Training
  • Corporate Search Training
Strategic capability development
Expert witness services

Please contact us for further information.

ISSL (INTERNATIONAL SECURITY SOLUTIONS LIMITED) – successfully supporting infrastructure and geopolitical projects.

Scope of Services
ISSL’s skills and experience that cover Security Risk Management, Business Intelligence and Investigations along with Intelligence and Information Management has allowed us to successfully support infrastructure and geo-political projects.
Our ability has allowed us to identify on a proactive basis future trends and potential difficulties that have allowed us to design and implement, on behalf of Clients and agencies, programs that manage risk and reduce the exposure to future problems.
Expert Example
A recent example of this has been support given to an Oil and Gas Field Security Management project in the Eastern Mediterranean. The physical and political spread of the project impacts into two countries which have a history of conflict which has and is making the geographical area unstable. ISSL was requested to define and give suggestions in how to implement and manage the infrastructure to secure the fields and product once they had been extracted.
The company has also been involved in advising the European Partners in Joint Venture projects with infrastructure projects whose partners have been nation states of Central Asian countries of the Former Soviet Union. ISSL’s responsibility was to ensure that the European Partners investments were as secure and properly managed as could be.
Please contact us for further information.

ABNC LTD -  Nuclear Services Photo
Within the Nuclear Industry all sectors have challenges related to the management of nuclear wastes arising both from routine operations and end of life decommissioning.  The management and costing of the same are crucial to ensuring that operations do not leave physical and financial legacies at the end of use.  ABNC Ltd Nuclear Services was created as a service dedicated to the proactive management of these liabilities.
ABNC Ltd has a proven ability to deliver solutions that meet the requirements of the nuclear industry including Industrial, Medical, Research and Development, Education and Power Generation customers.  It achieves this by employing a series of specialists and provides pragmatic solutions to a diverse range of specialist nuclear challenges.
Projects have been carried out in the UK, Europe, Africa, Japan and the Middle East.  

Scope of Services

  • Radioactive Waste Management Strategy
  • Radioactive Waste Treatment and Plant Design including decay facilities
  • Radioactive and Hazardous Waste Brokering and Disposal
  • Decommissioning Strategy
  • Feasibility Studies including testing and sampling regimes
  • Financial Planning
  • Project Management
  • Project Execution
  • Radioactive Sealed Source Management
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Specialist in the management of activation products

Areas of Expertise and Specialist Experts

Hugh Abbott, Managing Director, ABNC Ltd – Expert in all aspects of decommissioning and waste management.  Hugh has extensive experience in financial and strategic planning, including the operational management of the construction and design of radioactive facilities and plant.

He has 27 years management experience of design, operational, strategic, policy and financial aspects of Nuclear Waste, Decommissioning, Engineering and Due Diligence. These activities have been carried out in Europe, America, Africa and the Far East.

His project management, design and construction experience includes the following:
  • Design, construction and operation of buildings and facilities for solid radioactive nuclear waste storage and processing
  • Design, construction and operation of buildings and facilities for liquid radioactive nuclear waste storage and processing
  • Preparation, packaging and transport of solid and liquid radioactive nuclear waste for disposal and recycling throughout Europe
  • Design, construction and operation of facilities to support the decommissioning of radioactively contaminated buildings and plant.  This includes the size reduction and disposal of a 1000 tonne graphite reactor core
  • Project operational and financial management of radioactive decommissioning projects including the full range of reactor-produced isotopes and pharmaceutical isotopes
  • Retrieval of historic radioactive nuclear wastes from aborted previous campaigns and the re-encapsulation and re-packaging of those nuclear wastes to current standards
  • Modifying and operating hot cells for the over-encapsulation, manufacture and management of heat-producing sealed sources

All of these activities have been completed strictly in accordance with the regulations applicable in the country of operation, including the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the UK Nuclear Installations Inspectorate and, as appropriate, the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)

He has had extensive involvement in a wide variety of stakeholder dialogue exercises relating to planning and environmental issues. These stakeholders have included local businesses, neighbours, regulators and other consultees.
  • Prize winner Illinois Governors Prize Contribution to Environmental Improvement.  
  • Prize winner American Society of Mechanical Engineers Best Oral Paper
  • Chartered Engineer
  • Member of the Institute of Civil Engineers
  • Member of the Steering Committee for the Waste Management and Decommissioning Conference WM11
  • Radioactive Waste Adviser (Article 38 of the European Basic Safety Standards Directive (96/29/EURATOM)

In providing the above services, ABNC partners with a pool of associates which include the following experts:

Dave Lee – Expert who works directly with NII and EA on compliance with Quality, Safety and Environmental Regulations on Nuclear Sites. He is an IAEA waste management expert.  One of Dave’s major project involvements has been with the Chernobyl Waste Management initiative in support of the future care and maintenance, and ultimate decommissioning of the facility. This was chaired by AREVA(SGN).   

Gerard Holden – Expert in the design and development of packaging and handling techniques to support the safe decommissioning of radioactive facilities.  His experience includes, type B containers (multilateral, unilateral, and fissile), which have been designed, prototype manufactured, tested and subsequently approved by the UK Competent Authority and by the US NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission).  His specialities include assessment of the stresses imposed within closed systems due to heat generation by the material carried, insulation and fuel fires increasing the internal pressure.  Extensive experience of the pressure vessel code BS 5500. Member of the logistics board for PATRAM 2010 (Packaging and Transport of Radioactive Materials).

Jon Taylor – Expert in x-ray science and technology which was gained within the UK nuclear submarine programme.  He authors risk assessments, safety cases and safety reports for new and existing nuclear facilities and has carried out an emergency role in the planned response to reactor accidents. Other expertises include the safe use of radioactive materials and radiation generators and bespoke training courses in nuclear accident response, health physics and decommissioning.  

Paddy Copeland - Expert in the transfer of radioactive and dangerous goods and radiological protection advice to all sectors using radioactivity, including industrial, research, decommissioning, nuclear engineering and remediation.  

Fred Ballarin - Expert in Nuclear Safety and the Environmental aspects of operational nuclear plant.  Has experience within the French Atomic Energy Commission.  He also has experience in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 accreditation.

Dave Barker – Expert in Strategic and Commercial activities within the Nuclear Power Industry, specialising in contract negotiations.  

Matt Castle – Expert in the provision of mechanical plant and equipment for Nuclear Operations, including fuel, power and radio-pharmaceuticals.

Zac Thole – Expert in the operation and management of radioactive transport and logistics.  Ensuring regulatory compliance with the transport of dangerous goods regulations.  Specialising in the transfer of nuclear materials from all sectors.  He has extensive experience of the relocation of radioactive equipment both within the UK and Europe.  In addition, radioactive material transfers have taken place for disposal, recycling, decommissioning and land remediation.   

Colin Bryan – Expert in radioactive liquid waste, plant design and management.  Extensive experience in the environmental issues related to industrial, domestic and agricultural applications of pesticides, chemicals and entrained solids.

Please contact us for further information.